The vocation of Fenzi towards technological advance has been translated into an ultra-modern R & D department, aiming to encourage synergies and grouping in a single structure for all the professional skills and scientific means required for research.

Research Work

The R & D department is engaged on three fronts: study of new products, development of existing ones and the need to meet increasingly strict environmental laws.

While this latter aspect is among the most critical, and awareness at the firm has at times been ahead of later legal requirements, the development of new formulae and new products is the most keenly followed by technical and managerial staff.

This is because new ideas have definite commercial value and is also due to the intellectual challenge involved in their creation.

Who Dictates the Trends?

It is the market that in reality commissions research – directly, with the daily monitoring of commercial activity, and indirectly, when it is possible to see in advance a new trend and develop a product which matches it.