Thermo Plastic Spacer Now Available from Fenzi North America

Published On: July 17th, 2023|Categories: News|

Butylver TPS is a latest-generation Thermos Plastic Spacer (TPS) designed specifically for use with all the TPS applicators on the market, so as to obtain an IG unit with top quality warm edge performance and produced with a very high level of industrial automation. A one-part, polyisobutylene base with integrated desiccants, Butylver TPS ensures perfect adhesion, minimal permeability and excellent rigidity and stability, all factors that translate to excellent thermal insulation and durability over time.

Technical Characteristics:

  • Base – Polyisobutylene
  • Color – Black
  • Density – approx. 1.20 gr/cm3
  • Storage – One year in dry and cool rooms at a temperature between 10 C and 30 C
  • Packaging – 215 kg drums

TPS allows application of the thermoplastic spacer material directly onto the glass plate and can replace traditional aluminum spacers. This reduces your production costs and the complexity of your manufacturing process. The TPS reduces condensation, allows for maximum gas tightness, allows for more flexibility in insulated glass design, and for a range of sealing materials. The use of TPS provides a better performing product as well as increased productivity in your production process.

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